Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009


Written by Andrea Imgenberg & Sabine Lydia Müller

The premier of the GREEN Showroom took place in the Adlon hotel near the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, as part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Initiated by the two designers Magdalena Schaffrin and Jana Keller, eco-luxury fashion labels from different countries presented their collections in the upscale hotel, framed by premium organic cosmetics and matching accessories.

The choice of the location indicated immediately what the green showroom proved to its visitors: In 2009 green fashion has finally evolved from casual street wear to high-class business-outfits, elegant daywear and glamorous evening attire.
In the first hotel suite we directly found feminine dresses from US-designer Roshanak Salim made from organic cotton jersey. Flattering cuts and rich colors are the secret to her women wear. At the opposite booth Magdalena Schaffrin exposed her extremely sophisticated creations for women and men. Her strictly natural fabrics are mostly ecologically certified and she produces in Berlin, the pulsating capital of Germany.
So Pure, a label from Hamburg/Germany started with a collection of smart business suits for ladies and gents this year. These are LOHASians who come from the worlds of banking and consulting, where street wear just wouldn't be appropriate. Finally, green fashion adapted to the reality of working women who are interested in sustainable fashion.
Queen & Princess provides flattering organic cotton blouses for sleek business outfits. Jessica Reyes Rodriguez' delicate creations with smoked elements was a pure thrill. She produces her exclusive unique items with a group of highly specialized women in Germany and supports local handicrafts.
We then moved on to Estonian fashion designer Reet Aus. Her subtle blouses made from organic cotton crash caught our attention and led to a long and interesting conversation about how Reet got inspired to do eco fashion during her travels to several northern European countries. For a long time she was pretty much the only designer in her home country working with sustainable materials, but now, she is happy that some of her colleagues in Estonia have followed in her steps.

Designer Julia Starp creates elaborate evening dresses made of organic silk. The advantage of organic silk is that the silkworm can stay alive although the humans harvest the cocoon. We were impressed how Julia combined silk and cotton strips to a beautiful golden cocktail dress. We would have loved to just put it on and order an aperitif at the dignified Adlon bar.
To complete the perfect neo-eco-styling, we suggest vegetable dyed leather bags and matching leather jewelry from RoyalBLUSH by Jana Keller. For the raw natural look we discovered tagua-nut bracelets or belts made from catfish in the next suite of the Adlon hotel. Designer Van Markoviec www.vanmarkoviec.com experiments with various materials from all over the world to create her unique styles. Leftovers from the production are being turned into a new item of design. Van Markoviec feels that accessories are essential for the styling.

Blushless offers extraordinary wedding-dresses inspired by the film "Wild at heart" and promoted as eco-friendly bridal couture. Finally there are no more excuses for tree-huggers to say no to lifelong bonds. We thought these dresses would be a really good reason to marry soon.
Our conclusion after many hours in the Adlon was: The green showroom left nothing to be desired and we are really impressed to see how fast green fashion evolved. We wish the organization team good luck for their ambitious future plans. We will curiously follow every step/cut you make! ;-) See you again when the green showroom hits Paris during the Fashion Week in October.

via: www.ecofashionworld.com